Join Us!

Graduate students and postdocs with a background in chemical engineering, bioengineering, biology, physics, computer science or other engineering disciplines that are excited to work on fundamental and quantitative problems in biology are encouraged to contact us! We have openings for both graduate students and postdocs:

Graduate students
Incoming graduate students should contact Sid to set up a time to meet.
Prospective graduate students should apply directly to the department. More information can be found here.

Postdoctoral scholars
We currently have two open postdoc positions in our group:

Position 1: To study the dynamics of global demethylation during preimplantation mouse development.
Candidates with a strong background in developmental biology, cell and molecular biology, and mouse genetics are encouraged to apply.

Position 2: To develop novel technologies to detect epigenetic marks at the single-cell level .
Candidates with a strong background in biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, bioengineering or other engineering disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should send a (1) Cover letter briefly describing their previous research experiences and accomplishments, (2) CV and (3) names and contact information of 3 references to [email protected]